• About Us

  • 20 years, the landscape industry has not changed....that much.
    Principles are the same - Form, color, texture, balance, space and function.
    We still make back yards and outdoor areas beautiful, and now with our new technology everything is a bit easier.
    the biggest change of all, the definition of
    We live outside, we have kitchens, patios, fire, water features, tv's, refrigerators, night lighting from dusk to dawn, wifi-irrrigation controllers,
    Why go inside? 
    Let us help you recognize your full potential of your outdoor space,
     'Custom to your lifestyle'
    Jose Campos and I started this venture 20 years ago.  My design background and horticultural knowledge and Jose's incredible ability to make all the above, and so much more, have helped so many of our Texas neighbors realize their landscapes' full potential.

    Let us help convey your

    Kathy Nicholson